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Certain his wife Rhystal wants nothing to do with him, and equally certain he doesn't want anyone to know he's lost his heart to his "ice princess," womanizing Prince Brack decides to invite his equally rogueish friends Fian of Ponarth and the Tawyn brothers Algut, Joss and Geetz to join him for some fun while his parents are away from the Wharedish royal palace. And to make things even more interesting, he includes Fian's spitfire of a sister, Cheya, in the invitation. Cheya's always wondered why her brother and the Tawyns were always so eager to travel to Whare, but she has a more pressing reason for wanting to join them. She's determined Algut Tawyn is finally going to notice she's all grown up, and before her visit is over she'll have turned the royal court topsy-turvy and forced Brack to admit there's only one woman for him-and he's married to her. Buy it at Amazon.

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